12 April 2011 - Délicieuse or the sextoy rebellion

Enough is enough, is enough, is enough! After my mother Courtoise followed the week after by Fëanor, then a week off, it is now my turn to be calling.

My pal Dwmordene is still as helpfull as ever and verrrrrrrrrry happy to do it too!

But he has started making a hole on my neck - one would think he would not miss after all the intense training he has had these last weeks.  OK mother has gone to see Mr Stud during 3 days (she told me it was very INTENSE!!!!  She is soooooooo lucky!!!!) and my pal was quite unhappy not to have his toy... but then he got her back and then had Fëanor to play with the following week.

However, I just have had ENOUGH now.  As he is not succeeding, he drags me here and there, hoping it might work better for him 3 meters further away.  I have become a real sextoy.  I feel sooooo ashamed!!!!  So I flee to some little places he has no access to and he stays there, patiently waiting for me to get out.  Well he can bloody well wait!  I need the rest.  He truly is inexhaustible!!!! (and to think that he is a eunuch....)

4 January 2011 - Délicieuse
Oh my, children can be so difficult and I have 5 of them!  Poor me…
I did reject them and my children did understand….  I spit and hiss at them when they come to suckle.  Enough is enough! They are 3 months old and are able to manage on their own!

I do not understand, they are still here!!!!  Blimey, I must have missed something in their education.
So I meow to call them, a mouse in the mouth, in order to teach them how to hunt.  I am being totally ignored and the same for the mouse!!!!

Our human is laughing her head off while watching me and says that I am the spitting image of inefficiency…. And that the day I see a real live mouse I would run away frightened!!!!  Pfffff


14 April 2010 - Beau
OMG!!  It looks like I will have to support Courtoise's loving attentions again.  She is looking at me with bedroom eyes!!  Oooooh Noooooooo!! May God have pity on me!!!!

Délicieuse left me alone for once.  She only had eyes for Dwimordene who was very helpful….  Maybe he will help Courtoise too.  I saw him looking at her lecherously despite the past week…  He did take it veeeeeeeeeryyyyyyy seriously with Délicieuse.  Just watching him wears me out!


8 February 2010 - Beau
I cannot stand it anymore.  It has now been 2 weeks that I am being tortured by the cooing bum!!!

And the human does not do anything about it….
So I got my revenge early this morning, ha ha ha.

Whilst she was in bed, I came up as if for some TLCs.  She has to wake up and turn on her back and wait for me (I did take my sweet time when coming up to sit on her breasts!).  I then sniffed her nose and sneezed on her twice before leaving straight away!

The human was flabbergasted at having been used as a handkerchief!


5 February 2010 - Délicieuse

I cannot believe it, one cannot do a quiet little wee without having all hells rising in this home!!!! This is truly incredible.


Our human opened the balcony’s door and I went out to see the beautiful sun shining after all the snow we have had.


I hopped on the agapanthus pot which our human was good enough to shorten the other day.  Since then, mummy has quite liked this pot to settle in for long sunny naps.  Oooops I had forgotten this…  I hope that mummy will not hold it against me too much.  I saw her jumping on the pot after me and breathing in for a while the mouth open…


Meanwhile the human was raving and ranting about me not even respecting my family name!!!  No way was it going to become my personal urinal (it would seem that the lavender died of it?!?!?!).  bla bla bla


Good grief!  It is very well know that cold weather is diuretic!


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