Fëanor du Fort de la Bosse Marnière
Russian Blue Var
born the 15 May 2010

Blood group : A

DNA identification : realised

Father :  Von den Nebelgeistern Halfdan (CAC) - Nebelung
Mother : Sigrùn Azadeh (CAC) -
Russian Blue Var

Fëanor whose name means Fire Spirit (JRR Tolkien) is a Russian Blue Variant.  With her breeder, we thought for a long time she was a Nebelung but no.  Nevermind, she brings a lot to the Nebelung genetic pool.

Fëanor is always in a good mood, ready to play and she actively takes part in life at home.  For a reason known to her only, she loves watching me cleaning my teeth! LOL  But she never forgets to demand her (numerous) TLCs every day.

at 5 month

at 17 month

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