Dwimordene du Fort de la Bosse Marnière

Title : European grand premior and World champion WCF
Male neutered, born  20 May 2008

Father:   Ciastek The Grey (CACE) - Nebelung
Mother : Ölrùn Azadeh (CACE) - Nebelung 

Dwimordene whose name I never managed to shorten and which means: Magical Valley (JRR Tolkien).

I saw his parents at a show in May 2007 and immediately fell in love with the breed.  I thus waited for his parents to grow older and have kitten.  He joined us in July 2008. 

He is the ruffian of my heart, very affectionate, talkative (he has opinions and sees no reason not to share them) and a curtain twitcher!  He absolutely must know everything that is going on at home.  His favourite game: mock fighting.  His favourite adversary: Beau.  But when Beau does not want to play with him, he goes looking after the girls who absolutely hate this game.  Thus I regularly hear some hissing and spitting: “NO! I do not want to play mock fighting with you!”  So he comes to see me plaintively… but very quickly goes back to Beau for some cat-loving.

 I was so charmed by the Nebelung that in 2010 a female came to join my family to later, I hope, give birth to mini ruffians!


at 3 months                                 at 2 years

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