Characteristics and Temperament


While reading the various writings describing the Chartreux breed, I must say I was always somewhat disappointed.  It was always far too light and short.  Then one day, while surfing the net, I found this description.  It is not perfect but I was immediately charmed by it, easily recognising my lovely blue cats.


Chartreux are less talkative than other breeds.  Many Chartreux are completely mute: they purr, but cannot meow.  Others have a quiet, high pitch meow or chirp which they use infrequently.  This quietness can be a plus, but remember that a silent cat cannot let you know when it is lost or in trouble.


Neither gregarious nor shy, Chartreux are calmly attentive to the world, and will tend to hang back and observe, rather than rushing in.  They are tolerant and gentle with strangers, small children and other animals.  They accommodate themselves to most situations without complaint, travel well, and do not mind being left alone for long periods.


They are natural hunters, more interested in chasing and “killing” a toy than in romping around or wrestling in play.  Even in play, they are efficient, Watching until the perfect moment and then letting loose with a fast and accurate pounce.  They play in short spurts, sleeping and relaxing the rest of the time.  They are creatures of habit and enjoy the same games and rituals day after day.


Towards those they love, Chartreux display a passionate devotion that strangers would never guess at.  They prefer to be nearby, preferably getting their jowls scratched and giving loving head-bumps to their owners!  They will follow you everywhere, comfort you when you are sad or ill, and prefer to sleep with you or on top of you.  Their supportive, cheerful presence can be wonderful for elderly people and people living alone.


Yet this devotion is never obtrusive.  They do not demand attention, and are content to sit quietly when you are busy.  Independent, they need their moment of solitude during the day.  They tend to withdraw from conflict rather than becoming fearful or aggressive.


Endowed with a strong character, they nevertheless will show themselves accommodating towards us in order to be pleasant.  They have a strong sense of proper behaviour and strive to be “good citizens”.  They likewise appreciate courtesy from others and remember how they have been treated.  Chartreux are highly sensitive to scolding and praise, although they can sometime be slow learners.  Be patient and forgiving with this gentle breed.


Finally, I would add that Chartreux are a quiet strength, always there, next to you, quiet, silent, never intrusive but very present!


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